Once upon a time in Yankee Stadium, bottom of the 9th, Game 7 of the World Series, Dodgers are up 2-1 with Kenley Jansen on the mound trying to save this game for Clayton Kershaw.

After two quick outs, Jansen gives up a single to Aaron Judge and then walks Didi Gregorius on a full count.  Now he’s got three balls and two strikes on Giancarlo Stanton.  Both runners have good speed and will be going on the pitch.

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Right-hander Kenley rears back and fires his cutter and Stanton lines it towards the right-center gap!  Judge is heading home as it’s fielded cleanly by Puig after it bounces off the wall.  Gregorius rounds third as Puig’s laser throw is coming home!  Dodger catcher Yasmani Grandal is ready to block the plate while awaiting the throw.  The Yankee crowd stands and gasps as Grandal prepares for his oncoming collision with Gregorius.

The two speeding objects arrive nearly simultaneously as Grandal grabs the perfect throw a foot off the ground and jams his mitt in the way of Gregorius.  The home plate umpire hesitates for a moment before signaling the winning run SAFE!

The crowd erupts in victory celebration and barely notices the third base umpire signaling OUT while running to home plate!  How can that be?  The plate umpire was right there for the call?  Dodger Manager Dave Roberts rushes out on the field towards the plate, shouting and pointing at third base.  Dodger third-baseman Justin Turner is jumping up and down signaling OUT!

The umpire crew chief calls the third base ump over for a private conference as the crowd slowly quiets down.  The spectators can’t believe that their beloved Yankees’ World Championship may be decided by two conflicting umps.

After some time, the umpires call for a video review, meanwhile, the television booth announcers realize that the play in question was not at the plate, but at third base, where Turner appealed the non-call of a runner missing third base.  In the replay, it is obvious that Aaron Judge missed the base on the way to home, which Turner immediately noticed.  Since Judge then came home and Gregorius rounded third base, according to the rules, Judge should be called out.

 The two umpires listen to the Replay Command Center on headphones, where the video review is made, and after another few minutes, the crew chief puts down his headphones and makes the SAFE sign, giving the Yankees yet another World Series Championship.  The crowd hysterically overruns security as they invade the field in triumph.

 The TV announcers are shocked by the decision and cannot fathom what has happened.  Days later, Major League Baseball’s official statement merely reads: “The New York Yankees are World Champions and the 7th Game’s final score of 3-2 shall not be appealed.”

People across the nation, especially in Los Angeles, protest the decision, saying that the umpires had no power to ignore the rules and allow Judge to be safe and that they were somehow biased in the Yankees’ favor.  When asked about the decision, Judge himself only smiled and said, “That’s baseball”.

 After that, MLB becomes quite controversial, as game after game is decided by umpires that ignore the rules, seemingly on a whim.  Fans and teams, unless favored by the umpires’ decisions, lose confidence in the process and see the system as becoming corrupt, since the umpires have so much control over the outcome of games and have disdain for the same rulebook that they should be upholding.

Members of the Supreme Court of the United States now repeatedly ignore the intent of the Constitution and various laws throughout the nation and legislate from the bench to change those laws to suit their own personal beliefs.  The United States Constitution was to be altered only by the people through the amendment process, not by judges or presidents or legislators.

The Supreme Court is to protect and defend the integrity of the Constitution, not undermine it through judicial activism.

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Can citizens ever trust a system that has become so politicized and corrupt that a Constitutionally-aligned verdict is almost shocking?  We, the People, lose control over our government when those in power are never held accountable for their destruction of the Constitution and the duly legislated laws of the land.

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