The start of Wednesday is set to be much colder than recent mild mornings the country has seen. Despite the cold weather, there will be a big contrast compared to recent days. Unlike the recent grey and wet starts that many places have seen, it is going to be a largely sunny start.

The Met Office’s Aidan McGivern said: “A fine day to come.”

Leading on to Thursday, the weather takes a turn for the worse as the UK is set to be battered by wet and windy conditions.

Mr McGivern said the change in weather will be because of category two Hurricane Lorenzo.

Lorenzo pushed through the Azores on Tuesday night bringing hurricane force winds, heavy rainfall and high seas.

The hurricane’s path will end up close to the the UK, transforming the weather into a “typical autumn area of low pressure”.

The low pressure will bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to the country with potentially high seas and significant swells.

Mr McGivern said: “Those big waves around coastal areas are certainly something we’re keeping an eye on.”

Mr McGivern also suggested that there would be a risk of strong gales in places.

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Ahead of Lorenzo there will be “a lot of fine weather” and plenty of sunshine for central and southern Scotland to begin with on Wednesday.

There will be thicker cloud further north with some showers.

Mr McGivern claimed the northerly breeze means it is going to be a fresh and chilly start in many places.

He said many temperatures would be in the “low single figures”.

The weather presenter added there may even be a “rare frost” in some sheltered spots.

As the day goes on there will be “plenty of sunshine” from central to northern England.

The east and southeast of England will see thicker clouds “coming and going”.

Mr McGivern said showers would continue to tumble across southwest Wales and Northern Ireland

He added that in between the showers, it will be fairly bright.

Temperatures will be back to “average or slightly below average for this time of year.”

Levels of high clouds are set to drift in from the west bringing with it more showers.

Mr McGivern claimed it would be “another largely cool night”.

He also added that temperatures would be low and in the single figures.

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