The Dane County Jail has been taking action to reduce the chances that COVID-19 will take hold in the jail. The jail’s population stood Thursday at 549 inmates in the county’s three facilities — the Ferris Center, the Public Safety Building and the City-County Building. On March 10, the jail’s population was 746. 

Another 74 people are on GPS monitoring at home.

“Sheriff David Mahoney is working quickly to identify any additional inmates who can be safely released and/or placed on GPS monitoring,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday night. “High priority will be given to the older population or those with underlying medical conditions.”

Jail and medical staff are continuing to follow protocols consistent with recommendations from county public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Sheriff’s Office said, adding, “Deputies are being vigilant in identifying anyone displaying symptoms and alerting medical staff immediately.”

The jail said the eight who presented with fevers were placed in segregation cells at the Public Safety Building. The testing for COVID-19 is being coordinated by jail medical staff, Schaffer said. The other nine are being housed in a dormitory in the jail.

The reports of two positive cases and others with symptoms comes as lawyers for several inmates in jail awaiting trials because they can’t post cash bail have filed motions to have them released over fears surrounding the respiratory disease.

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