One morn I traveled with my chums,

The weather warm and dry,

Our conversation turned lighthearted,

Time merrily drifted by.


We enjoyed some pleasant miles,

And deemed ourselves alone,

Then noticed far behind us,

A hastily pursuing form.


He gained on us rapidly,

Few moments had but passed,

Till we found him intently staring,

As he came abreast of us at last.


He motioned me pull over,

My heart it nearly died,

After considering our situation,

I reluctantly complied.


He strode deliberately towards me,

Affected my befuddled brain,

Sensed my fear and loathing,

Seemingly enjoyed our obvious disdain.


It emboldened his demeanor,

His deadly weapon in full view,

I felt his power o’er me,

Suddenly unsure of what to do.


Woeful tales heard in my youth,

Through my memory ran,

My anxiety was on the rise,

Of the dreaded Highwayman.


He queried my identity,

And our final destination,

Then explained our detainment,

Which multiplied our consternation.


As I and my fellow travelers,

Considered some quick escape,

He firmly demanded tribute,

And we recognized our fate.


Gazed I into his rapacious eyes,

Resistance briefly contemplated,

But realizing his force was greater,

I peacefully capitulated.


With arrogant laugh and sneer,

He exited in quite a hurry,

Made off with his ill-gotten gain,

Out hunting further quarry.


His departure left us wondering,

Could have we successfully ran?

Is there some unknown refuge,

From the dreaded Highwayman?


Aye, this yarn is sad but true,

An example of modern tyranny,

When out on yonder roam,

Beware of this well-traveled treachery.


So, hearken! my fellow denizen,

Pray you shan’t see what we all saw,

When we heeded not the Highwayman,

Nor his odious seatbelt law.

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