Create some coupons: This Mother’s Day is a great time to bring back that classic: The homemade coupon book. As kids, we gave our mom coupons for everything from “one hour of dusting the living room” to “one bike ride through the neighborhood together.” If you have animals, give Mom a coupon for a free week of pet walking/feeding services from you and your siblings.

Get digging: This a great time to get your lawn and gardens in shape. Tell Mom you’ll be happy to pull weeds, cut the grass and trim the bushes — without whining.

See the world: While it’s difficult to travel at this time, you can stay home and visit exotic places online. Google Arts & Culture offers free virtual tours of more than 2,000 museums, art exhibits and national parks at New this week is Milan’s famed La Scala opera house, including tours of the theater and museum in Italy, along with 240,000 photos and close-up views of costumes worn by stars such as Maria Callas.

Help Mom go viral: Mother’s Day is a great time to show your mom how to use Zoom — and how to avoid embarrassments like the toilet flushing heard Wednesday during Supreme Court oral arguments, being done remotely for the first time. For even more fun, film a Tik Tok video with your mother today.

Get outside: While today’s forecast isn’t great — a high of 51 degrees and a good chance of rain — you can enjoy the great outdoors (perfect for social distancing) on Mother’s Day. Local parks are open, including Bong State Recreation Area, and golf courses are back in business, too. If you head to the lakefront downtown, bundle up and enjoy the Sculpture Walk along the harbor.

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