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Audiences both at home and in attendance at the Beverly Hilton expected host Ricky Gervais to make some explicit comments in his monologue that opened the 77th Annual Golden Globes, but few could have been as prepared for the breadth of his ire. 

He began by claiming that this would be his last time hosting the awards show. “I don’t care anymore. I’m joking; I never did.” Gervais’ especially poked fun at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization responsible for the Golden Globes, saying he was “offered this gig by fax.” 

As he was making fun of Martin Scorsese for his small stature, he referenced The Irishman director’s criticism of Marvel movies, which he said he agreed with. His comments became more pointed when he said “James Corden (is a) fat p—, he was also in the movie Cats. No one saw that. One review said ‘this is the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs.'” 

Gervais’ strongest comments may have been his call-out of corporate practices from companies like Apple, maker of The Morning Show, which Gervais said “was made by a company who runs sweatshops in China. You say you’re ‘woke’…”

The host called out Felicity Huffman, those who worked for Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death, people in Hollywood “terrified of Ronan Farrow” and finally, advised Globe winners to keep their speeches politics-free. “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a political platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything, you know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So, if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and fuck off. OK?”

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