Japanese Justice Minister Masako Mori says that former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s criticisms of the country’s justice system do not justify his escape.

Mori spoke to reporters on Monday, a week after Ghosn announced his arrival in Lebanon. Ghosn had been out on bail and banned from leaving Japan.

Mori said the Justice Ministry has been working to confirm what really happened, but that the former Nissan chairman is believed to have used illegal methods to leave Japan. She called the move extremely regrettable.

Mori said criticisms against Japan’s judicial system and Ghosn’s illegal departure are separate issues.

She said that different countries have varying judicial systems, and that simple comparisons are not appropriate.

Mori said her ministry will use every available opportunity to increase the public’s understanding of the Japanese system.

She also said the ministry will consider recent escape cases and suggestions from various fields as it does a swift and thorough review of the bail system. She suggested that GPS monitoring would be considered for people released on bail.

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