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If you want to play Call of Duty but don’t want to wait for the Modern Warfare reboot, you can sort of do it now. Call of Duty mobile is currently live on iOS and Android everywhere but mainland China, Vietnam and Belgium. Why is Belgium on that list, you might wonder? Because Belgium banned loot boxes, and that’s a bit tricky for any large-scale mobile games. But this is what you might expect from a franchise as big as Call of Duty moving over to mobile.

The game looks fine, part of an ever-increasing trend of console games coming over to mobile with surprising fidelity. It’s clearly not going to look as good as the mainline game later this month, but even so, it’s doing the work. It even comes with a battle royale mode with up to 100 players, which is a smart move considering the popularity of battle royale on mobile. It comes along with a bunch of multiplayer and a promise for continuing content in the future. The gameplay was never going to support a 1:1 translation like Fortnite, but really it’s not half-bad.

Curiously enough when I search for this game on iOS it comes up way down the list, not only after the Call of duty Companion app but also PUBG Mobile, Afterpulse–Elite Army, Zombie Frontier 3 and a few other unrelated games. But it’s down there: a straight-up version of Call of Duty on mobile.

It’s interesting to think about this sort of thing in the new era of Apple Arcade, which has a way of looming over other large-scale mobile releases these days. We don’t have numbers on that yet, and so we don’t know what sort of an impact it will actually make on the market, but from a psychological perspective, it makes a big difference for me. Should I try one of the charming, self-complete games I already own, or should I participate in another progression grind designed primarily to get me to spend extra money? I’d like to think I always choose the former, but if I’m being honest the latter still holds sway.

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