The Showtime Lakers were one of the most exciting teams in the history of basketball, thanks in large part to Magic Johnson’s brilliance in running the show. Now, a few decades later, LeBron James is in control, and he’s bringing that feeling back to Los Angeles. On Sunday night against the Detroit Pistons, it didn’t take him long to provide a few more examples as proof. 

Midway through the first quarter, the Lakers were already up double digits, and LeBron and Co. were playing fast and free. Grabbing a rebound, LeBron immediately turned up floor to start the fastbreak, and with players all around him put his dribbling skills — not really what he’s known for — on full display. He went behind his back, then crossed over to leave Pistons rookie Sekou Doumbouya in the dust, and spotted Anthony Davis sprinting towards the rim. 

Using a little underhand lob, LeBron floated the ball well above the rim, but not too high for Davis, who skied to slam it home with authority. Even the announcer knew exactly what he just saw, shouting, “Showtime, Lakers!”

We’ve seen some incredible plays from LeBron already this season, but this one goes straight towards the top of the list. From the rebound all the way through to the slam, there was never a moment of hesitation, and that fluidity as the play developed made it absolutely beautiful to watch. 

Even the stills from this dunk are worth another look. 

Tossing up that alley-oop to his teammate must have inspired LeBron, because just a few possessions later he got in on the dunking action himself. This time, the Lakers were taking the ball out of bounds on the sideline, and LeBron started cutting towards the ball, then planted and went backdoor where Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit him with a perfect lob. Snatching the ball out of mid-air, LeBron hammered it home with two hands to get the crowd on their feet again. 

There’s really not too much else to even say about this guy anymore. To still be making plays like this on a regular basis at 35 years old and in his 17th season is just remarkable. 

But it’s not only an impressive athletic feat. These type of plays get Staples Center rocking, and fuel one of the best crowds in the league — a group that’s helped the Lakers out to a 13-4 start at home. With a four-game lead over anyone else in the Western Conference entering Sunday’s slate of games, the Lakers are in pole position to get homecourt advantage, and with how they’ve played in L.A., that’s going to make them even tougher to beat come playoff time. 

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