On Sunday Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, said he had “very serious concerns” about her treatment.

But he also said the government did not want to “aggravate” the situation or antagonise the Cypriots ahead of Tuesday’s sentencing.

The judge in the case dismissed all the defence’s arguments and witnesses, including a psychologist who said she was suffering from extreme PTSD after the alleged gang rape and a language professor who said it was likely the retraction statement was written by police rather than the teenager.

The young woman had to forego a university place in the autumn and is still suffering from PTSD.

Her family have managed to raise more than £132,000 to meet her legal costs through a crowdfunding initiative.

A prominent women’s rights groups in the former British colony on Sunday called for the president of Cyprus to grant the teenager a pardon should the judge hand down a prison sentence.

The Cyprus Women’s lobby said the teenager had been “repeatedly abused by the entire system and its institutions in recent months.”

Saying she had been “victimised”, the organisation called for an examination of how rape cases are handled in Cyprus.

“The CWL specifically calls on the minister of justice, as well as the chief of police, to immediately take all necessary steps, with the assistance of experts, to examine all procedures and practices that are currently being applied by the police to handle complaints of sexual abuse and/or rape.”

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