Cowboys executive owner Jerry Jones recently joined the Shan and RJ show on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] to discuss the black cat, how the team can overcome its mistakes and more. Here are some of the highlights:

What performances stood out to you?

Jerry Jones [2:34 mark]: Lawrence, also — you can’t talk about those guys without talking about his inspired play. Now those guys are feeding off of each other. I think it was a first to see that energy transfer between those down linemen. I think Bennett was certainly a big factor there and I think he got inspired by the fact that you got guys like Robert Quinn, you’ve got Lawrence, and of course you can’t leave Collins out — he played a really good game too. I mean, I just watched this tape. Those guys really played good and Sean Lee stepped up there. Our coaches have never really wavered on where Sean Lee stacks up in our line backing corp. He is the guy that has just an uncanny and unbelievable ability to make plays, make ’em happen and when he arrives he arrives with a lot of velocity every time. He does get there, he’s with the receivers or he’s sniffing out the ball carrier so it was great to see him have that night.

And it was great to see Witten have his night. Wasn’t that an unbelievable night for those two veterans?

Have you acquired the rights to the cat? Will the cat be there for Cowboys games moving forward? And what is the marketing strategy for the cat?

Jerry Jones [6:30 mark]: I’ve had that cat in a big dark space in the stadium, maybe ever since Jimmy Hoffa was buried — well that was the old stadium — but I’ve had that cat in the deep dark sports of that stadium for years just waiting for him to come out. And when i saw things going so seemingly uphill for us, I told Rosie to go down and unchain him and get him out on the field. Rosie was scared of him too. You know he is such a wicked looking cat, I caught him glaring at me and I turned away and I was half a football field away. That was a scary cat.

Can the cat get in the suite for Sunday night vs. the Vikings?

Hey, someone else is going to have to handle that cat because he looks dangerous to me. When someone looked like they might I cringed too, ‘don’t touch that cat!’ That dude is mad.

Are you concerned with the amount of penalties this team is committing this year?

Jerry Jones [7:58 mark]: I am. And I know how concerned Jason is and how concerned our coaches are. That was classic last night: our mistake really got us in a bind, because we were imposing our will physically early offensively with Zeke and the blocking was as good as I have ever seen it for a running game. When you have that kind of control of the line of scrimmage, we should have had points on the board but those various setbacks, as I call ’em, which is as real as if they were imposing their will on you. And you take that turnover aspect to the thing and that is how you get in a lot of trouble in a game that by, really, what is lined up out there you ought to win it. Now that is a big statement in the NFL to say you ought to win it, because all you gotta do is they ain’t got their turnovers later. Had they not had their turnovers it would’ve been a different story.

How does this team overcome its mistakes?

Jerry Jones [10:46 mark]: I first look at what is realistically possible. You can change for the positive effort, you can’t change talent or the underlying speed, but you can change your effort. And you can also change concentration. That’s very doable, you can do it from one week to the next, but it takes a lot of sheer, sheer focus. I’ll assure you that every individual out there — certainly as a position group, every position group is going to be working on focus, focus, focus. Everybody on this team knows we’ve got a good team and we’ve got a chance to be right there competing with the very best as we get down to the end of this thing. A real good chance. But we won’t have a chance if we continue to make these mistakes.

What did you think about how chippy things got in the second half?

Jerry Jones [12:00 mark]: I think a little bit of that is concentration. That is easy to do now. It’s a physical game and every time a play is run you can have attitude. And you want to have attitude, but then you have got to grab a hold of yourself and be smart. That is going to be the mantra, that will be our mantra and we’ve got some good examples there how in the right circumstances a chippy attitude and the reaction to it — these guys are not deliberately trying to do this, they’re trying to be very aggressive out there and they are trying to stand there ground. As a matter of fact, I kind of, frankly, like to see them defend each other out there when someone has made a physical, threatening play like we saw at the end of the game.

The point is, it’s a fine line in there but these guys are pros and they know where to go.

On the addition of Michael Bennett and whether he is not talking to media by design

Jerry Jones [15:22 mark]: No. Michael is, frankly, one of the real personalities of sports. Period. And you can be that when you are as accomplished as he is. You saw it last night. And all of the Aggies fans know what kind of player he is. Well he was quite an addition there last night. That give you credibility when you can have that kind of stature and so he is very very spoken. He has certain things that mean a lot to him. Martellus was a player that I really enjoyed working with when he was with the Cowboys, drafted him in the second round. Those guys are cut from really similar cloth and they are very smart, very imaginative, but boy do they really take it out and compete on the football field. So I am really proud to have him.

Will Jerry be more nervous for his grandson John Stephen Jones’ first start with Arkansas than he was for Cowboys-Giants?

Jerry Jones [19:19 mark]: I am so proud of him, so that answers it right there. He got some really good snaps against Alabama, the No. 1 team in the nation and he came back last week and got them a touchdown. For him to get to start at QB in the SEC, you can have no one on this planet who can appreciate tat long journey and what it takes to get there than ol’ papa. So I’m really proud of him and I’m going to be there to watch his first warm-up throw.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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