The tactical reforms focus on rarely-used techniques, set standards for officers that are too low and altogether avoid changes to what Conrad called a militarized response to protesting that involved volleys of tear gas and rubber bullets.

“City leadership is essentially dancing around the edges rather than taking the issues head-on,” Conrad said in an interview.

Asked during a media teleconference why the city wouldn’t just dismiss curfew-violation cases, Gaylor Baird said the City Attorney’s Office, and not the mayor, should decide whether to proceed with charges. 

Prosecutions should be insulated from the political offices such as hers, she said. 

Last week, Gaylor Baird announced her nomination of Deputy Lancaster County Public Defender Yohance Christie to serve as the new city attorney. Christie would replace Jeff Kirkpatrick and has vowed to reform city-prosecution strategies if confirmed to the post. 

The mayor said she would not consider pardoning people who were violent and destructive.

Conrad countered that Gaylor Baird has asked the public for grace for her use of curfews to respond to rioting and the demonstrations that ensued. But now the mayor has withheld the same grace from largely peaceful, young people of color who were arrested in her mistaken curfew, Conrad said.

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