Gov. Charlie Baker said he’s “still looking at the data” to determine when the state will roll out phase 3 of the coronavirus reopening plan — which could start as early as Monday.

But, he added, the numbers are looking good enough to open up the borders to visitors from seven Northeast states just in time for the July Fourth holiday. Baker’s comments come as other states pull back on reopening plans amid a surge in coronavirus cases nationwide.

“There’s plenty of evidence not just around this country, but around the globe, of places where people have let down their guard and the virus has come roaring back,” the governor said Tuesday during a briefing at the State House.

“We are still looking at the data and we’ll have more to say about this by the end of the week, which is what we originally committed to,” Baker said.

The third phase of Baker’s four-phase plan — when casinos, museums, gyms and movie theaters will be allowed to reopen — has already seen a one-week delay after Baker split phase 2 into a two-part rollout.

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