Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly been criticised over his position on . This week, the Labour Party leader was forced to write a tweet to try to explain his party’s position on leaving the European Union. But, the Conservative Party have since launched a brutal attack on Labour’s Brexit position, on Twitter.

The Conservative’s posted a video on Twitter captioned: “Explaining Labour’s Brexit policy in 90 seconds”.

The video includes a series of clips from various interviews with different members of the Labour Party trying to explain the stance on leaving the EU.

The first clip is of shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry being quizzed about the position on BBC’s Question Time, by host Fiona Bruce.

It also includes an older clip of Mr Corbyn, saying: “I think people feel that if you simply go to anyone who voted in the referendum say ’Sorry you got it wrong, you’ve got to take the vote again’. That’s not reasonable.”

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy was criticsed by the Tories (Image: GETTY)

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of sitting on the fence over Brexit (Image: GETTY)

It then shows a clip of BBC’s Andrew Neil grilling a Labour politician over the party’s plans to renegotiate a deal and then hand the decision back to Brits in another referendum.

After, the clip also shows Labour’s shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth on BBC’s Politics Live, describing the party as being “in favour of Remain”.

He adds: “So I think we’d campaign to Remain.”

But, the Labour frontbencher was instantly quizzed on the show, by host Jo Coburn, who asked: “Right, but you’re not sure?”

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has vowed to deliver Brexit (Image: GETTY)

Mr Ashworth replied: “Well, we would have a democratic discussion, in the party.

“I’d be very surprised if we were not campaigning to Remain to be honest.”

The clip then jumps back to Mrs Thornberry on BBC’s Question Time, where she said: “Personally, I will campaign to Remain.

“I will negotiate to the best of my ability a deal that will look after jobs and the economy.

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Jon Ashworth

Labour’s Jon Ashworth in the video (Image: BBC)

Emily Thornberry

Emily Thornberry was quizzed on BBC’s Question Time over Brexit (Image: BBC)

Explaining Labour’s Brexit policy in 90 seconds

Conservative Party

“But the best way to look after jobs and the economy is for us to Remain.”

On the show, LBC host Iain Dale quickly replied by claiming the explanation from Mrs Thornberry sounded “ridiculous”.

The 90-second video was viewed by over 95,000 people on Twitter.

Earlier in the week, the Labour Party leader was forced to explain the party’s position on Brexit on social media.

General Election

Seats won in previous general elections (Image: NC)

Mr Corbyn wrote: “Secure a credible deal in three months.

“Put it to the people for the final say, with the option to remain, in six months. That’s our Brexit policy.”

The Prime Minister has repeatedly attacked Mr Corbyn’s Brexit policy, and warned the Labour leader will hold two referendums if he secures a majority in the December general election.

Last week the Conservative Party came under fire after they posted n edited video on Twitter of Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer on Good Morning Britain.

Despite the Brexit policy of Mr Corbyn coming into question, the Labour leader was dealt a huge blow after former home secretary, David Blunkett said the likelihood of Mr Corbyn securing a majority on December 12 is “extraordinarily slim”.

David Blunkett

David Blunkett warned about Labour’s election chances (Image: GETTY)

He also said “anti-Semitism” and “thuggery” in the party makes him “despair”, but urged moderates to “stay and fight” to ensure the “voice of reason” prevails.

Writing in the Telegraph, Lord Blunkett said: “The behaviour of the hard-Left within the Labour Party – the anti-Semitism, the thuggery, the irrational views on security and international issues, and the lack of realisation that you have to embrace a big tent of people in order to win – certainly makes me despair.

“But it also makes the likelihood of an all-out Labour majority in this general election extraordinarily slim.

“The political landscape right now is completely different to what the hard-Left would have you believe. We are in a 1983 situation here, not a 2017 one – with not only the Lib Dems and the Greens, but the Brexit Party, the Tories and the SNP all seriously vying for traditional Labour votes.”

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