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Supreme Court Blocks Two Rulings Striking Down Voting Maps

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday blocked rulings from federal courts in Ohio and Michigan that had struck down voting maps in those states as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders. Both courts had found that Republican legislators had violated the Constitution by drawing voting districts to hurt the electoral chances of Democratic candidates. The Supreme Court’s […]

SpaceX and the Coming Satellite Swarm

Read: Silicon Valley’s new spy satellites Musk, SpaceX’s CEO, said the effort, named Starlink, will provide convenient and reliable internet service “ideally throughout the world.” Sixty is just the beginning. Musk hopes to deploy as many as 12,000 satellites, to furnish the constellation. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re launching at least on the order […]

About 1,000 US troops will head to Mideast as tensions with Iran grow

Less than a thousand U.S. troops consisting of intelligence aircraft, engineers and fighter pilots are heading to the Middle East as a “prudent defensive measure” against Iran, the Pentagon announced Friday afternoon. Together with a Patriot missile defense battalion that was deployed to the region earlier this month, the Defense Department will have about 1,500 […]